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Our Story

Amber Atkins, founder and CEO of Fashion Mini Girls Boutique. 

With only one month left to graduate with an Associates Degree in Health Science, Amber took a leap of faith and dropped out of college. Having a passion for the fashion and modeling industry her whole life, she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey and created Fashion Mini Girls Boutique in April 2018. 

At its core, Fashion Mini is about expression and versatility. Your girl is constantly evolving into the young woman she dreams of becoming, and Fashion Mini will guide her with functional and versatile designs that are styled to fit her personality. ​Made with high-quality material and attention to detail, our clothing will last wherever your girl is headed to make waves.

As girls grow into themselves and learn who they are inside, they will want to express themselves through what they wear. Allowing girls to choose their own clothes offers a boost of self-confidence to explore their sense of individuality. But sometimes, your girl will need a helping hand. Not sure of her style or which clothing will bring out her personality the most? Our brand is here to help! 


With a child born during the digital age, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends your girl may be interested in. With their unique identities and interests, our Minis represent style for every type of girl. Our Mini Princess, Mini Boss, Mini Athlete, and Mini Classic girls will help you understand how best to help your young woman shine. 


With Fashion Mini, Amber's goal is to break down barriers to employment while cultivating generational wealth. She believes in the importance of empowering girls and young women early in their lives, and hopes to build Fashion Mini as a platform for them to jump-start their dreams. Fashion Mini will aid your girl as she learns to craft her own identity, establish her confidence and independence, and make new friends along the way.